Today was a Cagatay bonanza for his fans! Netflix Turkey released a video showcasing March arrivals, and the first short clip from the upcoming movie Paper Lives is included. This is the first real look at this role as Mehmet, and looks like it will be heart-touching bond between Mehmet and Ali. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Shortly after, BluTV released their second teaser for Yesilcam, which looks like a visually stunning period piece. The transformation of Cagatay from a scruffy garbage collector in Paper Lives to a polished filmmaker in Yesilcam looks just as stunning! Playing to the tune of Get Ready Go by The Flatheads, there is a feel of the swinging 60s, which also coincided with the beginning of political and social upheavals in Turkey.

BluTV is obviously putting in a lot of effort into this production, and we hope that the series receives its deserved global recognition.

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