The trailer for #Yesilcam is here and and it looks fantastic.

‘Yesilcam: A Cinema Animal’ is the first period drama produced by BluTV, showcasing Turkey of the 1960s, while it follows a film producer who will tell the story of survival in Yesilcam as he experiences the golden age of Turkish cinema. You can find more details on the project here.

BluTV released the series’ first teaser today. The flamboyant promotion accompanied by Emel Sayın’s song “If Dreams Come True”, opens the doors to a glorious and nostalgic world while taking the audience to a Yeşilçam movie premiere in the 1960s. In line with the 1960s, Ilknur Sereff, Cagatay’s stylist, seems to have done a great job of costuming for the period – old movie charm of the times!!

In the series, Cagatay Ulusoy will give life to cinema lover and producer Semih Ateş, who loses everything but is trying to rise from his ashes in Yeşilçam.

Cagatay Ulusoy is accompanied by Afra Saracoglu and Selin Sekerci. Afra Saracoglu will portray the young and beautiful Tulin Saygı, who knocks on Yesilcam’s door to become a true artiste, and Selin Sekerci will play Mine Cansu, one of Yesilcam’s favorite stars.

It is produced by Eastern Sunrise Films, and has Sibel Tuna as producer. Written by Levent Cantek and Volkan Sumbul, “Yesilcam: A Cinema Animal” series is directed by Cagan Irmak, who has signed many important films such as “My Father and My Son”, “Desolate Man” and “If I Forget”.

Collected from bluTV with editing by CUNA teaser of Yesilcam, posted by BluTVabout:blankTeaser video with English subtitles of the song, “Ruyalar Gercek Olsa”
​Translation credit: @cuworldwidefanss | IG

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