From his shy start as Emir Sarrafoglu in Adini Feriha Koydum, there hasn’t been any looking back for Cagatay. Rising tall against the legal skirmishes that started in 2013 and now behind him, he had a major comeback with Medcezir, one of the top rated shows of the 2013 fall season.

Within months of its conclusion, Cagatay starred in the film Delibal, physically reinventing himself for the role by shedding 15 kg, growing his hair and taking drumming lessons.

Then came his action hero persona of Sarp Yilmaz in Icerde, and his mature enaction of a fearless police officer belies his young age of 25. His months long preparations for the fight sequences are evident in how physically dexterous he is.

Netflix’s Hakan Muhafiz demanded a younger Cagatay, with none of the innate finesse of Sarp, and once again he physically transformed himself to believably essay a character who portrays the journey of becoming a hero tasked with being the savior of Istanbul. 

​This short trailer by CUNA captures the incredible talent that Cagatay is, in less than two minutes.  Enjoy!!

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