As we come to the end of an unprecedented year of human challenges, and the world reshapes itself, we wanted to wish everyone a very #HappyNewYear.

We are here, united in our admiration and love for #CagatayUlusoy and his incredible talent. Through his hard work, dedication and understated persona, he has given rise to a fandom that is genuinely kind and loving.

We wish Cagatay all the best in his rising career, and wish all of our followers across the globe a happy, prosperous and joyful year to look forward to.

May we always gravitate towards kindness and promote love over hatred, acceptance over ‘othering’, collaboration over mindless competition. We have learnt through the amazing friendships we have made through our collective love for Cagatay that “We are all better together.”

Looking forward to more of the same!
With love,
– Team CUNA

P.S. As a New Year’s present, please enjoy this 2020 Year in Review video of Cagatay!

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