One of the reasons Cagatay inspires so much love and loyalty is the kindness he exudes in his characters and in real life. We have been a part of this fandom for some time and in addition to learning more about the layers of his work, it has been equally gratifying to get to know amazing people across the globe who also admire his work and life values. What better way to unite than through a shared love for someone who impacts the world in a positive way?

A few of his Instagram fan accounts got together to spearhead a global fundraising campaign for children with cancer and other special needs, which also coincided with Childhood Cancer Awareness month. It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with fans from Turkey, Pakistan, Romania, Iran, Argentina and Uruguay, and realize that borders and vested interests of sovereign nations become a distant second when we focus on love. We can thank Cagatay for being such a unifying force for #SocialChange with a #GlobalImpact. With donations big and small across many individual donors, we raised more than $3,500 for organizations such as Losev Turkey, UNICEF and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


,During these difficult times of the COVID pandemic and the many ways it has hurt economies and communities, we are pleased to create a spot of positivity in Cagatay’s honor. Here is a video put together by Cagatay Ulusoy Worldwide Fans, one of Cagatay’s oldest fan accounts and a fellow collaborator for the campaign. The short video acknowledges all the donors and shares their messages for Cagatay. 

Happy Birthday, Cagatay, on behalf of the organizing team, the donors and all the fans who wishes to honor you.

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