Cagatay Ulusoy will be turning 30 years old in ten days, on September 23, 2020. For a person so young, Cagatay has impacted the lives of so many through the roles that he has played and how he has chosen to live his life.

There is very little doubt that Cagatay is a standout artiste in his peer group, being one of the best ambassadors for Turkey in the entertainment space. His humility and grounded way of life is inspiring in looking inward and focusing on self-growth, being mindful in career choices and philanthropic endeavors.

Over the years, Cagatay has supported a number of philanthropic causes, namely childhood cancer and other medical needs, environmental preservation, orphanages and other need-based programs centered on children.

In an effort to honor this exemplary young man and the ways he has promoted positive #SocialChange, a few of his most active fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter have collaborated to create a birthday fundraiser whereby fans can support any of the four selected organizations (can be their local chapter) in honor of Cagatay. Just share the receipt with any of the organizers to be counted towards the tally for #GlobalImpact created by Cagatay’s fans.

We are also collecting a short blurb about why a donor is choosing to support Cagatay’s fundraiser, which will be put into a video compilation to be shared with Cagatay and his manager. Donations will have to be made by September 21st to be counted.

You can get access to the flyer for the fundraiser here.

To make donations, you can go to these following links:

UNICEF – COVID-19 Efforts

LOSEV – Foundation for Children with Leukemia

WWF Turkiye

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Cagatay’s milestone birthday is a great occasion for his fans to come together and support programs for a better world.


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