Last week, the production team for Mucadele Cikmazi wrapped filming. The name of the movie, which translates into “Deadlock of Struggle”, apparently derives from a street name in Istanbul. In a marketing coup yesterday, Netflix and Cagatay had a coordinated strategy to announce that the movie will be available on Netflix in 2021. While Netflix and production company OGM. Pictures announced the news on their social media channels on Instagram and Twitter, Cagatay announced through his guest appearance on Ay Yapim’s new dizi, Menajerimi Ara (“Call My Agent”) where he appeared as himself.  

Director Can Ulkay shared aesthetically beautiful shots from the sets throughout the filming, but without giving out too many clues about the subject matter. We do know that the plot involves street children, and we have finally seen some photos of Cagatay in a grungy get up, suggesting that he lives on the streets too and may work as a garbage collector.

There are mixed reports about him playing the father of one of the street children, and we will have to wait for the official plot summary to better understand his role. What is evident is how he has traded his glamorous good looks to instead look like someone who has many hardships in life.

Screenplay writer Ercan Mehmet Erdem (Behzat C.) is no stranger to writing gritty stories and one can only imagine how intricately he will weave this plot. Global fans are excited about having access to the movie through the ubiquitous Netflix, and wishes the team every success with its post-production efforts and final release.

The following video provides translations for Cagatay’s skit in Menajeremi Ara, which alludes to his philosophies in life in show business, and very creatively introduces the idea of him looking at the script of Mucadele Cikmazi. As a branding enthusiast, I am very pleased with the coordinated and sophisticated strategy in announcing the future plans for Mucadele Cikmazi.  Bring it on!

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