On Monday, May 4, ShowTV will be starting reruns of Icerde, a 2016-2017 crime drama that broke all sorts of ratings records during its 39 episode run. It will air every evening.

Icerde is led by Cagatay Ulusoy and Aras Bulut Iynemli, both shining stars in the crowded field of dizi actors. Cagatay, who was already famous from his loverboy roles in Adini Feriha Koydum and Medcezir, reinvents himself as the gangster Sarp, who is really an undercover cop. For Aras, Icerde is his breakthrough role as Umut Yilmaz/ Mert Karadag.

In this action-packed dizi, the first of its genre for Turkey, Cagatay stands out as Sarp Yilmaz, a resolved and unwavering cop, with a spine made of steel. Inspired by Martin Scorcese’s The DepartedIcerde manages to remain a quintessentially Turkish show, with action, drama, love and family portrayed beautifully. The ratings for the show never fell below 7 during its run, being one of the first shows that completed the season as planned. It is also one of the top shows to have been syndicated internationally, to great success in Latin America and other markets.

For more information on the show, you can visit our filmography page or browse through earlier posts.

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